Belle de Jour  |  2002

It is with the project entitled Belle de Jour produced in 2002/2003 that I began to work specifically with women as my primary subjects. Belle de Jour, is a survey of 30 large-scale colour photographs depicting women in various states of undress, masquerading different roles. The portraits are carefully orchestrated to present the viewer a world of girls who tease the line of the voyeur. The actors have been choreographed to come forth with a remarkable sense of their own sexual persona through lascivious, subversive gestures and defiant expressions. These images expose a budding female sexuality, and call into question an idealized vision of femininity. Women existing in a state of psychological and physical individuality are presented to invite the viewer to contemplate and explore the underlying tensions between vulnerability and composure, awkwardness and grace, intimacy and detachment and naturalness and artifice.