Bloom-Another Day in Paradise  |  2008

Bloom-Another Day in Paradise, is a commissioned public installation project. It is a large-scale (40 x 130 inches) triptych presented as one singular panoramic landscape, depicting a child in an elusive Edenesque garden. This image dwells on themes that deal with the power of childhood memory and imagination. The protagonist in this piece is a young child, who is juxtaposed in between two landscape images, a swan filled lagoon and a tropical forest.  She is immersed amid two distinct universes, the real and imagined, and between what is tangible, ethereal and/or make-believe. At the pinnacle of the project is the idea that the imagination is psychological space whereby anything and everything is possible. Ville de Montréal, Public Art Competition, Montréal, Québec (2008) This image was conceived for the Cultural Community Center, CCSE, in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve district in Montreal.