In the Studio with Notman  |  2018

Over the past few years, I have spent a great deal of time at the McCord Museum in Montreal, immersing myself in the tens of thousands of images of 19th century portraits of women held in the William Notman Photographic Archives. Since January 2017, I have been the artist in residence at the museum. During this time, I created In the Studio with Notman, which is not only a new series of female portraits, but also a body of work whereby my sources of inspiration, my process of working and a glimpse behind the scenes in the studio is revealed to the viewer. I used this residency and research opportunity to dig deeper into specific Notman female subjects and study the studio décor of a bygone era. In the Studio with Notman is an ode to the studio practices of the earliest days of photography, my fondness and weakness for Notman’s portraits of women and my relentless pursuit to give the sitters in my photographs agency in the making of their portrait. In the Studio with Notman allows viewers to witness and appreciate William Notman’s extraordinary legacy and experience a conversation that transpires between his remarkable images of women of certain era with contemporary portraits of my own.

In the Studio with Notman is currently on display at the McCord Museum as a solo exhibition, accompanied by a catalogue publication.