Un Chevreuil à la Fenêtre de ma Chambre  |  2003

Un chevreuil à la fenêtre de ma chambre, is a book endeavour published by Dazibao publications. Marie-Eve Gagnon, a Québecoise playwright and I collaborated on this project. She wrote the text and I created the images. Together we concocted a provocative work, which a deals with all the twists and turns of female desire. The book presents the reader with a set of short stories that dwell on the life and sexual experiences of the main protagonist ‘Soledad’, a young woman whose love life is full of tribulations and adventures. Throughout the book, Soledad narrates the sexual escapades that make up the successes and failures with lovers that are both male and female. The images consist of subversive portraits that reveal women who fully assume their femininity, their sexuality and the right to desire and to be desired in attitudes that range from the defiant to the lewd. *This is a book project, therefore the images are printed upon request.