Artist Statement

Portraiture, the representations of women, childhood, youth culture, narrative and autobiography are major and recurrent themes within my work. I am also interested in feminist issues as well as identity politics.  I usually produce large-scale color photographs, which juxtapose human figures with landscape and still life. I concentrate on elucidating facets of human experiences in relation to psychological and physical environments, relating to larger themes concerning identity and spectatorship. I attempt to weave together gesture, affect, and the nuances of my subjects’ gaze, to create an immersive and emotional landscape for the viewer. I am interested in the relationship between the fixed photographic portrait and the moving image and I often use the gallery space for creating narrative. Borrowing from cinematic strategies, I construct introspective poses that suggest a story. Through the physiognomy, expression, and the staging of my subjects, I try to capture the narrative potential within each still image.