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UMA, La Maison de l’image et de la photographie, is please to annonce the publication
Writer: James D. Campbell
Published by: UMA

She has always been brilliant in her juxtaposing of the figure with a landscape… and with operatic precision, (she is) effectively pulling us inside her scenarios and making us believe in them.

She has obviously looked hard at the cinema of noted director Federico Fellini. Like him, who we might call her ‘mentor’… she has the same ability to make one of her models a ‘Portolese subject’. When I experience her images I often think of Fellini’s Roma fluorescing on the screen.

James D. Campbell
Art critic and curator

Far from just processing her feelings toward her family, Portolese here transforms family wounds into testaments of reconciliation. By virtue of her artistic practice the suffering caused by the physical or psychological loss of a loved one morphs into a public healing ritual.

Manon Blanchette, Ph. D.
Executive Director
Board of Montreal Museum Directors



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